YouTubers have to declare ads. Why doesn't anyone else?

Avaldati 15 veebr 2021
Around the world, there are regulations for "influencers". Those regulations make sure that if someone is paid to endorse a product, they have to declare that payment to the people watching. But why does no-one on TV, or film, or anywhere else have to do that?
Written and performed by TOM SCOTT
Script assistant ANDREA MARKS
"Does the Spearmint Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight" by Rose/Broom/Breuer (1924), arranged for orchestra by BENJAMIN SQUIRES
Filmed safely:
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00:00 Intro
00:58 1. Payment and Control
05:47 2. You Have To Declare It
09:17 3. No-One Else Has To Declare It
18:03 4. We're Going To Disney World
24:47 5. The Land Of The Free
31:15 Outro


  • "Influencers have to declare sponsorships clearly and up-front. Why doesn't that apply to any other medium?" would have been a much more accurate title, but alas, EEclone titles have to be short and catchy!

    • Only time I heard the lyrics "Does your chewing gum loose its flavor on the bedpost..." was in the Ray Stevens song "A-Hab the A-Rab". ...unclench, its from the 70s.

    • We gotchu fam

    • Because you guys haven't lobbied deep enough. Do you realize you're their competition? I don't have to watch the video but hey, is it easier than Time Zone logic?

    • btw north america does have a law that says paid promotion must be declared on all media ... yup those but wait theres more commercials are disclaimed as paid promotions ... just because the UK doesnt have them doesnt mean no one does ...

    • Great video! To look at all of this backwards, I wonder if there have been cases where influencers / media have paid (to create their media) to talk negatively of a brand and have been subsequently sued for slander

  • The Vape made me Sub So it actually did work...

  • We should create regulatory rules for applying critical thinking instead.

  • Did you get paid for mentioning BBC so many times? :-)

  • makes me curious about how stuff like yugioh works, in terms of advertising disclosure. the shows were edited for US releases for years (and afaik still are?) to not show the actual physical cards. to me that always seemed like a legal obligation to avoid product placement, but i've never actually looked at it. where is that line drawn? is the whole show an advertisement for cards? what about games like cool spot or pepsiman? this goes so deep. help

  • Here we have 🌈lobbying🦄 in action.

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  • time to play is this an advert: ad starts just one letter from the ending of the spoken word advert. classy google algorithm nonsense

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  • The FTC itself is unfair and deceptive. a bunch of hypocrites nothing more.

  • "Och, that is awful. Don't vape, kids!" (31:38) The most important message of this video imho.

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  • Television will be dead in 5 years anyway.

  • Ant and Dec don't have to declare ads because of their initials

  • Excellent, clever video, very well put together.👍👌😁


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  • Tom figured life way back in 2013.

  • Tom is getting increasingly funnier every video.

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  • Even the title is wrong, do your background research. I'll help you to start: most tv programs must also declare if they include any product promotions otherwise the tv channel gets prosecuted by the media authorities.

    • But yes, I understand you wanted to complain and lament about how hard is your life making money with yt videos, but somehow i can't really feel your pain, sorry.

  • if someone or a company invites you for a free weekend of vacation with free food, it is a payment, They pay you with food. if you may try a product and you have to give it back after this, it is NOT payment, but if you may keep it it is payment.

  • Came from MKBHD's podcast. Was worth it

  • Fun fact. If you look in the comments and see hundreds of people already posted the same comment, you don't need to post it.

  • ADVERTISING is DOOMED, discuss

  • Is Tom Scott advertising Tom Scott?

  • Well contructed arguements. Well said Tom. The audience is often deceived into product placement as also a way of "lending authenticity" to the movie world created by the producers, directors, and actors in the entertainment. That is, in this world, there is Coca-Cola being served at their backyard barbecue just like in you would serve up Coca-Cola in your backyard barbecue. The ubiquitous products and brands that exists in our world blurs reality in a constructed world.

  • Here in Italy they do it in TV as well.

  • 8:50 So... having a lava lamp in your background could count as an endorsement for lava lamps?

  • The answer, is always, CAPITALISM

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  • Right after Tom said “it’s time to guess, is this an advert?”, I got an advert from EEclone.

  • this says alot about are society

  • Tom, I understand entirely what you are getting at here, but the problems of disinformation or lies on the internet are immense. Lies are more important to remove than advertising. The problem is a lot of advertising is lies.......

  • Recently been bingeing some TV shows and the product placement sticking out like WHAM! I could not figure out why they kept zooming in on the lunchables logo and then I realized there’s PRODUCT PLACEMENT! And was like “woah so weird they didn’t have to say anything about that”

  • The amount of checkmarks in this comment section is insane

  • What happens if you are doing a product review? You will be mentioning the brand name.

  • Excellent vid as always! I just started wetting my own toes in youtube creation, and now I wonder what the law says in Israel, though I didn't even think of selling out just yet, one needs to be prepared. Now I'm suddenly feeling I really need a vacation, and I haven't been to the UK in over a decade, and I suddenly really want to get to Dover. Hmm...

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  • Great video but if we wanted to make our voices heard so that TV and movies etc couldn't get away with adverts coated in entertainment any longer, who exactly would we contact? And wouldn't it be better if a lot of us did it in unison?

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  • Goodness me, Tom. 30 minutes? Are you upset?

  • Did you go to Dover JUST to make sure there's nothing behind you that could be construed as product placement?

  • Well done, and well said. Just my $0.02 (is that advertising money?)

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  • "Don’t vape kids" - the real message of this video

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  • Programmes are not allowed to advertise and or sponsor a product,unless there is double standards involved.

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  • No one should be allowed to trademark any word, spearmint, apple, windows, etc.

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  • You make some good points. However, I still think Gucci Gang shouldn't get air time.

  • Its virtually impossible to find honest reviews on EEclone, try finding a negetive review, they are as rare as hens teeth..shills dominate this space.

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  • Product placements in TV shows is not classy. It's tacky and everyone notices.

  • Mmmm, So why don't BBC state every news cast that they take money from the Government, to get your perception in line with government Agenda? Strange eh!

  • Tom Scott is one of the few EEcloners that can keep my attention for a 30+ minute video. I typically hate long videos, but his are always really interesting.

  • Too many regulations.. nonsense

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  • 31:32 'With thanks to Evan Edinger' I thought I recognised that bedroom!

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  • Why do so many people seem hellbent on making our music and movies and other content, and the world in general, so mind-numbing? Is the extra cash really worth it? Is this the world you want to create for others as well as yourselves?

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  • Me: EEclone: Wanna watch a 30 minute video about a topic that’s never even crossed your mind? Me: DO I?!

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  • Online advertising is so ingrained in our culture. Soon, parents will be naming kids "like" and "subscribe".

  • Well guess I'm not taking my kids to "Walt Disney World" now...... "Kids, say thanks to Mr. Scott", " THANKS MR. SCOTT!" sorry the temptation got me, not the cologne! Or was it? haha ads!

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  • Advertising for something good is fine. It’s fine dude.

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